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Help Us Help Them!

I think it's fair to say that I am not the only one who is looking forward to our upcoming mission trip with the YFC! From June 27-30, we will head to Denver to work with the DOOR Network. While we are there, we will be volunteering at a number of different organizations.

Thanks to the amazing Jolene Schall, it has come to my attention that one of those locations, the Ronald McDonald House, accepts Pop Tabs as a way to pay rent for those staying at their facility. After some more research, a couple of the other places we will be volunteering also have ways we can provide help. For any who are willing to donate, please bring your donations to the Presbyterian church anytime before June 27 (A Box will be located on the pew in the entryway for any donations).

Ways you can help:

- Donate Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald House

- Donate money for feminine hygiene kits for those experiencing homelessness through Soles for Souls

- Donate Target Gift Cards to Casa De Paz

- Keep us in your prayers as we strive to do God's work during our time in Denver

Thank you all for your help and prayers!

Pastor Kathy Saxbury

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